Saturday, July 1, 2017

POGO PG216: Punisher in Captain America Costume Minifig Preview

This is a variant of Punisher, saw him in Marvel Future Fight back when I used to play.

I'll update asap when I find out the real brand. 

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The design was stolen from Engineerio.
(Thanks wickedlemon for the info)

Punisher used this costume in the comics when Captain America was shot, so yeah this really is Frank Castle, the Punisher.
(Thanks to Legofancollector for the info)

Bigger set found here!

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    1. Thanks again! I swear, you are an expert in these things man :D

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  3. This isn't the Ultimate punisher costume, it is the Punisher in captain america suit just as down the blocks said.

    It is from just after the Civil War storyline when Captain America had been shot. Frank Castle took up the mantle out of respect for Steve Rogers.

    The Ultimate costume has similarities, but is in black and has different design work on the arms and even the placement of the utility pockets on the front are different.

    1. Nice, I'll update the post with this information! :D