Friday, July 14, 2017

WM Brand WM217: Iron Fist (Netflix-Shirtless Costume) Minifig Review

I'll start off by saying: I'm not a fan of this minifig.

Printing quality was fine except for the feet which looked very cheaply done.

Nothing on the sides.

Nothing at the back, aside from an alt face.

I think they were trying to give him bare feet but I don't think they did it well..

I think the main reason I dislike this minifig is the hair. Specifically the hair + beard combination. I just don't think they match each other. Thankfully, because it's a minifig, we can change the parts ourselves but it would've still been better if it came with more suitable parts already.

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  1. Shorter hair would probably help as per his appearance in the new Defenders show. Oh, and he's not blonde - the hair colour used here seems way too light.

    1. Yeah this minifig is a mess. I'm on the lookout for better hairpieces for him though, that's the beauty of minifigs at least, we can mix and match parts anyway hehe