Thursday, July 20, 2017

XINH 651: Thor Minifig with Blue Sword Backpack from Thor Ragnarok Minifig Review

CMI already has his own review though for those who are interested!

Printing quality is pretty good, but he just seems  off compared to the pictures of the official one. I'd love to see them side by side, with POGO's as well. The face is off for sure though, because his beard became orange instead of yellow.. Other than maybe having the wrong colors, the quality is on point. Plastic quality as well was great, so much better than POGO's recent ones.

Sideview. The metal design on the left arm is detailed pretty well as well, I foresee other bootleggers simple releasing this one with a grey left arm, but I'm glad XINH took the time to add the designs there.

This is actually my first double sword backpack that isn't X shaped. I like it, if I'm not mistaken, this one came from Ninjago. To those asking why he has this and not a cape, the other version has the cape and the torso doesn't have that red paint on it unlike this one's.

Here we get the alternate face with a kinda off face. The main face I used had the thunder face, guess we'll have to wait for the movie to find out what those thunder eyes mean!

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