Friday, July 28, 2017

XINH 652, 655, 656, 657: Enchantress, Grandmaster, and More Minifigs Review

Previously previewed here!

Enchantress, Loki, Sakaarian Guard, and The Grandmaster.

Printing quality and plastic quality for all three are great! Just like recent XINH figs! I'll let the picture do the talking!

Not much going on at the sides.

Back view.

Grandmaster's alternate face and Enchantress' back torso without the hair.

My biggest wish is that figs like Enchantress, who wear those strapless type of outfits, have side printing too to further make

Minor issue: Minor misalignment of Sakaarian Guard's front and back print

Time for Loki. My Loki came with a spare arm and a scepter which I believe he shouldn't have because he lost that in Avengers (2012). He also comes with his normal hairpiece which is a welcome addition; it's weird that we don't have Thor's normal hairpiece..

Loki's scepter was bendier than the usual scepter piece, if that's an issue for some of you guys.

No issues here. That white line on the leg is just light, sorry haha.

Side view.

Loki with his classic hair. The alternate scared/worried face is also a welcome addition! Credits go to TLG for this!

TL;DR - A set worth getting! Would love to see it compared to POGO's and TLG's soon.

Last review for last weekend's haul! Hoping to get a new haul from my local store AngeloMarcus this Saturday or Sunday, they've always got new arrivals every weekend.

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