Saturday, July 22, 2017

XINH 654: Hulk from Thor Ragnarok Bigfig Review

Previously previewed here, X0165.

As good as SY/DLP's bigfigs. Would recommend to everyone. Plastic mold had some issues but nothing too major; printing was superb.

He comes with this baseplate.

Surprised he actually comes with this hammer. It's just 1 of his 2 weapons from the official set but I guess one is better than two.

This is one of my best bigfigs. Better than the SY exclusive bigfigs I have honestly. Quality would be comparable to SY's Thanos though (which is in no way bad).

There was an issue with the connector piece for the torso and the arm, it was too loose but it wasn't much of a problem because I had spares and at least it was the connector that was messed up and not the whole torso/arm. It's worth noting he doesn't come with extra connector pieces unlike Decool's or SY's.

Side view. Love the details on the armored arm. but if you look closely, under the blue shoulder pad, there's a plastic nub that doesn't look pleasing at all. It isn't enough for me to dislike the bigfig but it doesn't make me love it more as well.

Not much going on at the back.

I think this XINH bigfig is better than the official one. Why? Because it's removable. (Note though that the official one looks shinier than XINH's.)
(AoU Hulk on the right.)

SY Thanos would've been the best bigfig in my opinion but the leg's being not straight just ruined it..

You can also remove the red piece from the helmet.

TL;DR - This Hulk bigfig is one of the best bigfigs I've ever encountered. Design credits go to TLG but the execution, the quality of printing and plastic, are absolutely great and that's thanks to XINH.

Glad that AngeloMarcus at Greenhills also sells these single sale bigfigs and not just minifigs.

Customize Minifigures Intelligence told us that he purchased a couple of Hulk bigfigs and two of them came without printing.. Just a heads up!

Photo from Customize Minifigures Intelligence

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  1. Hi DTB! Just wondering, is there any straight/aligned leg big figs in the market? Regardless its Lego or bootleg.. because i always wonder why they produce this type of legs, hard to display them..

    1. Do you mean legs that are not one step forward and one step back? Because here's one :D That's one example of that, it's Kingpin from Sheng Yuan. :D

  2. Such a boner over this guy! I like how the helmet comes off. I will get one for the orc army.

  3. Unprinted Hulk perfect for recreating this scene if combined with parts from the Xinh AOU Hulk

    1. Oh yeah niceeee but I guess it's harder to get the unprinted one though haha