Wednesday, July 12, 2017

XINH 658: Volstagg (From Thor's Warriors Three) Minifig Review

He comes from XINH X0165

Surprised we got him. Was actually thinking of making MOCs for the Warriors Three but thought that Volstagg was hard to make. This gives me hope. Though I do hope they release Fandral and Hogun as well. Just so we can complete the three.

His accessories include: two axe blades and one stick.

Unfortunately I coudn't find the stick..

Turns out the stick was stuck under the baseplate.. hahaha

So this is his complete package.

Make sure to attach the axe blades in that way or else it'll look weird.

Packaged stick (left) vs stick from elsewhere (right)
Up to you which you prefer, but I personally prefer the longer one (right).

Back view.

Most imporant point: 
His prints are... 3D.. I don't know how to phrase it but if you touch the torso you'll feel the lines or the design. If you guys have Spider-Boy from X0151 you'll know what I'm talking about EXCEPT VOLSTAGG IS MUCH BETTER.

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  1. Looks very good. I'm not seeing a number of these new minifigures on the Aliexpress website. I shall wait patiently.

    1. Yeah even my local stores aren't saying anything about some of the other new ones.. Kinda nervous because I want them.. ahaha