Monday, July 31, 2017

XINH 668: Justice League 2017 Cyborg Minifig Review

From this set.

Great everything. Biggest issue: foot printings. Not so aligned and easily noticed when you look closer. Might be a quality control issue. Makes me wanna see how the factories do these minifigs.

No side prints but use these pictures to look at the sides of the helmet and the mechanical arm better!

Better look at the mechanical arm. We also receive three studs by the way!

Back printing!

Standard smiley face for the front.

Standard angry face for the back!

The helmet was really good. The hair is printed on I think, but it's printed on pretty well. This piece and the mechanical arm are probably the highlights of the set and the other pieces complement these pretty good as well!

I guess I understand why this guy came out late versus his other companions from the same set, probably because of the new arm's mold. Not sure if he's out in online stores, but my local store, AngeloMarcus Greenhills, has them already so do check wherever you buy. I still recommend official minifigs more of course, for best quality in every aspect!

Still, it's a pretty good copy! The whole set was pretty good actually.

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