Wednesday, July 26, 2017

XINH 669, 670, 672,673, 674: Bizarro, Marvelman, and some Justice League Members Minifigs Review

Previously previewed here.

XINH 669 - Flash
XINH 670 - Aquaman
XINH 672 - Marvelman or Miracleman
XINH 673 - Batman
XINH 674 - Bizarro

Let's start with Flash and Batman. Printing is great and so is the plastic quality. I found no issues. There's really not else to say other than I recommend these figs.

Side printings are not present. It's worth noting though that Batman's legs are not dual molded. I think the official ones aren't too, at least the upcoming Justice League's.

Back view. Interesting design for Flash's helmet.

Alternate faces. Quality of these are superb. Batman's face, front and back, are very comparable to official TLG minifig heads, at least for me. It lacked that TLG gloss but printing wise, it's great, better than lots of other heads.

Batman's back print and disappointing black legs which are not dual molded. Even the official one isn't dual molded.

Flash's helmet is well made. The yellow on the red looks sharp. Mold quality was also good. This is now my favorite Flash helmet ever.

Creepy dude and Marvelman (or Miracleman)
Just kidding, but yeah Aquaman's face is horrible. Other than the horrible face, print and plastic quality are great. Only complaint is Aquaman's foot printing, but even that's not too noticeable.

Side view. Identical for left and right.

I love Marvelman's alternate face. A way better alternate face than my past Hyperion minifigs. Also note that he's got dual molded legs.

Bizarro who I think is the spotlight of this set. Great printing, the way the torso connects to the waist is also pretty good. I have nothing bad to say about this fig except that the cap I got was folded, packaging error, might be my fault too when I stuffed him in my bag haha.

Side view. Clean and simple, no worries.

Just a Superman back for Bizarro.

And of course his hair piece is a recolored Yondu hair piece. Sad that I still don't have my own Yondu minifig. Hopefully soon.

TL;DR - This XINH set is great and if you're looking to complete your Justice League minifigs, then pick this up (minus Aquaman, though other than his head, he's great).

To Philippine readers, I suggest going to AngeloMarcus asap to get these guys or at least have them reserved because lots of people have been going there too. I can't blame them because it's way easier than going to Divisoria with also very similar prices.

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  1. Xinh may be not perfect sometimes, but these ones are good. Also dual molded legs again, Pogo still can't do them.

    1. Yup was really impressed with this set. Hopefully all the others become just like these or better!

  2. Wait whattt ... dual molding? Hell it's about time!

    LEGO really wiped the floor with bootleg figs when it made dual molded parts. It actually made me bought a lot less bootleg figs. I waited a long time for bootleg brands to step up to dual molding.

    What other minifigures you know uses dual molding?

    1. I first noticed dual molding in X0152 which is Batman movie set. Robin and Batgirl had dual molded legs (Xinh still can't dual mold arms).

      X0147 also had Batman fairy with dual molded legs.

      I guess sets after 0152 might have dual molds. But that is not certain.