Tuesday, July 18, 2017

XINH 676: Vulture Minifig with MOC Wings (From Spider-Man Homecoming) Review

One of my favorite MCU villains, because he seems so... new.

My MOC wings.

Let's focus on the minifig first though. XINH quality on this one is great. The face seems kinda off, but I think it's just me. Print and mold quality are great, one of the best from XINH. He also comes with those green backpack type wings which the official one doesn't have, but then this one doesn't have buildable wings..

Back printing. Same deal as the front. Too bad there's no alternate face.

I gave him these as "claws" on his feet which he used in the movie.

If you're gonna ask for instructions on how I made this one, I feel like I won't be able to give detailed instructions, what I can tell you though is that I looked up the instructions for the original set with the original wings, got my box of spare parts, and started trying to imitate the original instructions. Of course, I don't have all the parts needed for the original wings so when needed, I just had to improvise and put my own stuff based on my own preference or other MCU Vulture pictures online.

Back view. I was missing the donut-like circle pieces that the original one had which I think made the wings look more movie-like, so I had to improvise and used those instead.

My MOC wings have almost the same articulation points as the official one's. The tip of the wings or the blades are the only different ones. i wanted to focus on them being blades rather than just being wings. 

MY MOC wings have three articulation points at the tip of the wings [per side] versus the official one that has 4 green pieces as the tip of the wings. I know Vulture uses his wings as some sort of bladed weapon, so making the tip into blades was a bit more logical for me. (+ I was running out of green pieces haha)

Here's a bottom view. 

Here's a top view.

Really wish I had bigger picture space, sorry haha.

The XINH minifig was great, but I know that a lot of you would skip buying it because it doesn't come with his mechanical wings. Although if you have extra parts and pieces at home, I recommend you guys go open your parts containers and experiment and try to make your own Vulture wings! I had a blast making mine, and I have very limited parts, I know you guys will as well! That is, after all, the essence of brick toys.

If you really don't wanna build or don't have the parts to build and the official one isn't available to you, then maybe you'd want to check out Lele's Vulture that has his own buildable wings although different from the official one as well. (As of this writing, that's the only non-official one that's on sale.)

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  1. I think its better than the original set, congrats, job well done! - Jpok

  2. Replies
    1. Been Debating Posting my Design Good to See im not the Only One

    2. You should man! If you do decide to share them, feel free to gimme a link! :D Or post on my Facebook page! :D