Saturday, July 15, 2017

XINH 678, 681: Spider-Man Homecoming Bank Robbers Minifigs Review

Part of this bigger set.

The energy chain thing feels a bit cheap.

The minifig doesn't come with instructions on how to build the gun but it's pretty simple anyway. + It's good they actually included the gun!

The flat piece on the right, the yellow one, is the printed one included with the Hulk robber. Notice that there isn't some sort of indention in the molding to allow your nails to remove it when attached. Weird. (Left one is generic flat piece.)

Well we get this unique(?) energy chain!

The minifigs are fine. They're not the best quality but they're good. Quality is what you'd expect from a bootlegger. I've seen better XINH minifigs though in terms of quality but I've also seen worse so this is kind of in the middle.

We get some beat up faces if you don't want the masked faces.

Nothing on the sides.

I expected a better Homecoming set from TLG..Wasn't a fan of these guys compared to what we could've gotten.. 

TL;DR - The minifigs are good. If you don't want the whole set, like me, because the Spider-Man minifig is just the same as the other set's, then this is good enough.

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  1. Pass on this one cause, we can moc these, -> pogo JOKER's goons + avengers actual head + random hair pieces and guns. Is that scratches on both fig's legs.

    Attend ka sir sa PBX next sunday?, pa autograph! hehehehe - ritche H.

    1. Yeah, shame that they just used old parts for the minifigs. And those scratches are something like plastic molding errors or something.. :(

      Tignan ko pa kung pupunta ako haha, onti na lang nasa wishlist ko tapos parang wala namang may mga ganun sa pbx :(