Sunday, July 30, 2017

XINH 704: Hela from Thor Ragnarok Minifig Review

We first saw her here.

Her weapons.

She comes with an extra hairpiece, this one. Also comes with that alternate face that seems off and doesn't look terrifying (which is what Hela is supposed to be right?).

Printing quality is great. They were able to get the thin lines pretty well unlike other bootlego brands.

That's the face you use when you put her helmet on.

Side view.

Back printing. As good as the front.

The most interesting part: the helmet. The horns are made of some sort of softer plastic, to get that bendy property. I'm okay with this because using normal plastic might make the horns too fragile, but at the same time these bendy horns end up being hard to "correct". If you look closely, you can see that the left and right horns aren't completely aligned, and it would need some effort to align them without risking the breaking of the horns. It's not too bad though and I guess it's better like this to make it more durable especially since this is a toy after all.

So yeah, just a short review. TL;DR - Good minifig, I'd love to see how POGO did theirs, and I'd also love to compare the authentic one with XINH, POGO, and hopefully other brands if they decide to make her. Just too bad she doesn't have the long legs the authentic one has, but then again that one is part of a bigger set.

Glad that my local store, AngeloMarcus, got them so quick. It's been a while since it's been previewed, but even AliExpress sellers didn't have her in stock but my local store did. Finally, some perks with being in a third world country (Philippines) hahaha

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  1. IT is almost perfect except for the hair, there are plenty of hair models to choose from and they choose that, Chinese are good at imitating but no style & originality - Jpoks

    1. Well the hair I think was also copied from TLG but yeah, XINH should've changed it at least because it could've been better

  2. The alternate face is for whenever she does a satisfying fart but everyone in the room is too scared of her to comment on it.