Sunday, July 2, 2017

XINH X0167: Justice League Minifigs Preview

Damn, XINH. Nice job.

XINH 667 - Superman
XINH 668 - Cyborg (Nice arm)
XINH 669 - Flash
XINH 670 - Aquaman (uhhhhhh)
XINH 671 - Wonder Woman
XINH 672 - Miracleman or Marvelman (Thanks to wickedlemon, legofancollector, and kevin for the info)
XINH 673 - Batman
XINH 674 - Bizarro

Let's hope that it hasn't become a quantity over quality thing for XINH though.

Glad to know though that XINH didn't focus on Marvel fans but DC fans as well! <3

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  1. Replies
    1. Marvelman! Funny that Marvel now publish it using the Miracleman name, when it was them that prevented the Marvelman name being used and forced the name change.

    2. Lol that's Marvel for you!!

      I hate their constant retcons of the characters in recent years. The latest one has a team of avengers that came out in 10,000 bc -_- it just ruins years of continuity.

    3. Oh I heard about that.. HAHAHAHA yeah it's really weird.. phew

  2. Noice!

    Though Aquaman is too brutal.

  3. Look at aquaman so scary, what moc do you guys think using that head?
    YONDU's Mohawk now comes in black. -ritche H.