Monday, July 24, 2017

XINH X0171: DC Minifigs Including Silver Banshee, Solomon Grundy, Ra's Al Ghul, and More Minifigs

Wow lots of previews today huh

XINH 695 - Joker (Christo)
XINH 696 - Captain Boomerang (LeyileBrick)
XINH 697 - Silver Banshee (Penzora)
XINH 698 - Ra's Al Ghul (Penzora)
XINH 699 - Killer Frost 
XINH 700 - Harley Quinn (Onlinesailin)
XINH 701 - Solomon Grundy
XINH 702 - Dr. Hugo Strange (Onlinesailin)

Feel free to share the sources of the designs below or through Facebook!
Thanks to Wickedlemon from for the sources of the designs!

The designs haven't been made by other bootlegos before except for Captain Boomerang that I think we've seen from POGO already.

If you're from the Philippines and are interested in picking them up, feel free to pm me or comment to for more details. The store is in Shoppesville Plus, Greenhills though, at AngeloMarcus!

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  1. A lot of people have been asking for Hugo Strange, so that will go over well.

  2. 695 - Christo
    696 - LeYiLe Brick
    697, 698 - Penzora
    700, 702 - Onlinesailin

  3. Pogo's Capt Boomerang was based on OLS's version

  4. Silver banshee looks very good. Hugo looks crazy good as well

  5. Anyone know where to purchase these in the United States? I'm also looking for big fig Kingpin.

    1. Bigfig Kingpin is hard to get because the only way to get him is from a Civil War set from Sheng Yuan brand, and that set itself has become rare. And I'm not sure how to get them in the US but you can use AliExpress like everyone else or perhaps Ebay like some other people. :D

  6. Does anyone know a store on Aliexpress which I could buy this Lot?

    I could not find It anywhere

    1. Best to just wait for now. It's really early. I release my previews, pretty early versus when they really come out :D