Sunday, July 2, 2017

XINH X0172: Various Thor Ragnarok and Other Marvel Minifigs Preview

Thanks you, XINH.

XINH 703 - Thor
XINH 704 - Hela
XINH 705 - Sif (NACM)
XINH 706 - Berserker
XINH 707 - Bruce Banner
XINH 708 - Valkyrie
XINH 709 - Red Skull (Christo)
XINH 710 - Mandarin

Finally, Lady Sif!! 

The Red Skull is also a new design if I'm not mistken. I also don't have the Mandarin yet, but I don't know if a different bootlegger/TLG has released that one already. 

Thanks to wickedlemon for the proper source of designs!

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  1. NACM Lady Sif and Christo Red Skull.

  2. the red skull looks great seen a clearer pic recently

    1. Yay kinda want a lot of him then make them into elite Hydra soldiers or something. Still thinking of a nice head for them though..

  3. These are all widely available on eBay UK except the Mandarin...really annoyed was gunna buy the whole set but he's nowhere to be seen so just settled for Sif and Red Skull plus a bunch of others from other waves

    1. I think the Mandarin just came out in AliExpress yesterday so he should probably get to your stores soon! :D