Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dargo 1012A: SDCC Duckpool Minifig Review (AKA Kopf KF927) Comparison with Sheng Yuan Duckpool

This is the first of Dargo's 6-in-1 Duckpool set.

Biggest noticeable difference between the two would be the accessories included. Dargo's has a black swordpack, and two guns: sniper rifle and Boba Fett's rifle. Check here for SY's accessories.

Majority of this review will be a comparison between the Dargo Duckpool and the SY Duckpool.

Can you tell which one is Dargo or SY? Well, Dargo is on the left and SY is on the right. From here, you don't see a lot of difference.

Here's the side view. Yes, there's a misprint of some kind on Dargo's head. It's probably a quality control issue, but its presence still says a lot about Dargo.

Here's another misprint/yellow paint marking on Dargo's head's top.

And here's the biggest disappointment regarding Dargo's! No back print for Dargo Duckpool..
Here's a chance to view the feathers on Duckpool's head too.

It's also worth noting that SY's mouth has more orange than Dargo's, I guess that's up to preference already though. I don't know if it's just me, but Dargo's mouth seems more open than SY, but nothing that looks too disturbing anyway.

(Picture of SY Duckpool's belt accessory that Dargo Duckpool doesn't have.)

TL;DR - SY's is better, as usual. Except, I think people will still find themselves buying Dargo's when the buy the whole set of Dargo Duckpool minifigs seen here! Also, Dargo's isn't bad at all, the quality control is a matter of luck for the most part, it's a given with bootlego anyway, but the lack of back printing really is disappointing though.

If you're from the Philippines, go ahead and check them out at AngeloMarcus Greenhills, if you can! Go asap before you run out of stocks!

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  1. Wow, they are really identical from the front.

    Dargo isn't perfect by any of means, they always lack something, but SY sometimes isn't perfect as well. I don't like some of their latest stuff.

    1. Yup! I have the Dargo GOTG Vol. 2 set, and some of them are actually good, but some of them are horrible! I'll be sharing a review soon! And yes, SY's latest stuff aren't too exciting, but I do hope they make more interesting stuff like this SY Duckpool hehe

  2. it wold be nicer if SY used their original "folding short legs", so duck pool can sit down.
    I think it's only SY who makes this, found on old figs, like Penguin, SW Yoda, SDCC warbird rocket racoon, and I hear TLG is considering to copy this. imagine your ewoks sitting down around a camp fire - ritche H.

    1. Yeah man, I also thought the same. I've never seen an SY short fig with non-moving legs before. So seeing this one was kinda a surprise; maybe they really wanted to copy the SDCC one as much as possible

  3. This is awesome..I would like to get Dargo's accessories and SY's figure though :) Dargo ones look better, especially the double sword pack.

    1. Oh by the way, Dargo's sword pack is more loose than SY's. SY's is kinda tight, and Dargo's is loose to the point that if you flip over Duckpool, the swords might come off. :D