Thursday, August 3, 2017

Decool 10059-10064: TLNM Ninja Minifigs in Training Outfit Preview

A blog reader, Ric, and I were wondering where these guys came from a few hours ago. Now a seller has listed them as Decool.

10059 - Kai
10060 - Cole
10061 - Lloyd
10062 - Zane
10063 - Nya
10064 - Jay

Sweet armor.

Maybe my local store, AngeloMarcus will have them!! Let's see, because gosh there have been a lot of previews recently.

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  1. Decool really likes the sets if 6 figs.

    I guess they are based on Kendo suit Kai. I have that minifig by Lego ad it's really cool armor. If Decool will mold them nicely, I will grab them, despite not being Ninjago fan.

    1. Yeah me too, I'm not a fan of Ninjago but I love these armors