Sunday, August 6, 2017

Decool 7125: Hulk vs. Red Hulk Review

Will focus on the bigfigs and minifigs though.

First of all, Hulk's plastic bag had some weird yellowish green oil?? I don't know but I didn't touch it anymore, also rubbed Hulk with alcohol immediately. Probably harmless, but still worth sharing.. That's what you get with bootlego.. haha

Also, no missing parts, but some instructions were confusing. Like this one which said you that you needed 1x 3x3 piece, but in reality you need 2. Common sense, but might be confusing to some kids.

No, we didn't get red hair. More details below.

The base of both vehicles are the same, meaning when you start building them, the steps will be the same in the beginning. When you bump them to wherever, a play feature pushes the bigfig up, as if they were ejected. I won't be focusing on these vehicles anymore, because I think they're horrible and far from the source material.. Quality was great though, way better than the last Decool set I had. Didn't hurt my fingers while building, compared to that Spider-Copter set which hurt my fingers after a while.

These were the extra parts. No missing parts too! Yay!

This guy has been released by DLP too. I'd prefer the DLP version honestly, but I got this set anyway (for She-Hulk, and to see how Decool is these days). I would've preferred the DLP one because that one would've had a removable head and hairpiece, at least based on other DLP bigfigs released in the past. For this guy though, printing on the face is sharp! Plastic quality is great, better than the past single sale Decool bigfigs. I'll let the pictures do the talking from here.

I'll say the same about Red Hulk, so here are the pictures. Do note that Decool once released a red Hulk, literally a Hulk in red, meaning same hairpiece as normal Hulk but with red skin and dark grey shorts; this Red Hulk is more accurate to the Gen. Ross Hulk.

The bigfigs were great, but these minifigs were disappointing. For the most part they were great, but some quality control issues and wrong colors were very disappointing. Plastic quality was an improvement compared to older Decool minifigs, as well as printing, but quality control is bad. (or at least I got the bad batch, which is expected of bootlego anyway).

Red She-Hulk's issue is the hair. On the left is XINH She-Hulk, on the right is Dargo GOTG V2 Gamora. Decool Red She-Hulk is just using Gamora's hair, with purple linings and not red.. Other than the hair though, Decool's Red She-Hulk is better, at least in my opinion. Let the pictures show you which you prefer.

Both of my She-Hulk's faces had scratches/fade marks on her mouth, this was just sooooo disappointing because she's basically an exclusive. Hulk, also released by DLP. Red Hulk, also released by XINH. Red She-Hulk, also released by XINH.
Also, do note that XINH released a She-Hulk before, but the skin color is a darker type of green.

TL;DR - If you're just after the figs, I suggest looking at the single sale minifigs first. You might even prefer the older XINH She-Hulk. If you see these at a good price, then I still recommend them as well, since they actually gave good quality, and the vehicles even provide some nice parts as well, just hope you get one of the better sets in terms of quality control.

Also, if possible, and this applies to all bootlego sets, check the insides first before buying, assuming it's a local store, or at least check it after buying and see if your store is kind enough to accept returns, especially if it's the minifigs that have issues, since those are the exclusive pieces of the sets.

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  1. how much is this in the Philippines?

    1. Around PHP600-PHP1000 or around USD12-USD20. :D