Tuesday, August 1, 2017

DTB DTB035: Hellstorm (Son of Satan) Minifig MOC

He's the Son of Satan in the Marvel universe apparently.

Before using "golden" legs.

Parts used:
Hair - Hawkeye Avengers 2012 (better if hair is orange)
Torso, arms - Can use generic topless (but this is XINH Spartan)
Cape - Doctor Strange
Head - Hyperion (Same as Superman)
Legs - Hyperion (Base leg was color "gold" so I just colored the upper part red with marker)

These are his more modern looks. Initially was gonna make it just with black legs but decided to go with the more classic look below instead.

Did I get the look?

Most of the parts used were extra parts from other unused parts for other MOCs. And most of them I got from AngeloMarcus lol.

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  1. kewl piece seeing this u could make hannibal king from the constantine fig maybe change the head also is there a blade minifig ?cause he seems like a simple enuff moc too

    1. Ohhhh Ryan Reynolds from Blade movie!? :o I'll see what I can do!! But first, I need a Blade MOC hehehe

  2. I like it. There are literally thousands of marvel characters out there with numerous costumes each. Good choice! Could use flame hair as an alt version too!

    1. Thanks and yeah! Flame head is great alternative! :D