Thursday, August 3, 2017

DTB DTB036: Mister Fear (Marvel Supervillain) Minifig MOC

Loved making this guy. Great marker practice for me.

He's some sort of Daredevil villain as far as I know.

I colored the sides of the skull to give him a more accurate look. Wanted a black background for the skull face, but didn't wanna use Crossbones' face because he's too distinguishable.

Parts used:
Head - Skull (from Ghost Rider (non-TLG design)
Torso - Count Dooku
Everything else - Generic black

Some reference pictures:

The character's not too popular but his design looks great.

Credits to Unknown for the idea!
Credits to my local store, AngeloMarcus Greenhills, for the parts! MOC heaven!! <3

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  1. he turned out very good man the ghost rider head works well

    1. no prob like seeing characters that wouldn't normally be done get made

      also here's a link to some of my own bits feel free to delete link also the pics aren't the best

    2. Oh nice thanks! I followed you! I also have my own FlickR haha

    3. (That Snoke looks amazing btw)