Monday, August 7, 2017

DTB DTB038: Fantastic Spider-Man Minifig MOC

Fantastic Five now? Joking!

Parts used:
Head - Electro Proof Spider-Man (DLP9026) (Erased the white triangle on the forehead with pencil eraser)
Torso - Mr. Fantastic (XINH)
Everything else - Generic (colored lower blue legs with black marker for black boots)

I had to do it the hard way because I didn't have a spare regular, non-elastic Fantastic Four body, and only the extended Mr. Fantastic version, so I simply used spare blue parts for my Spider-Man.

Reference pictures:

Of course, I'd also want to make a Bombastic Bag-Man someday, but I'm still waiting for a decent piece for the bag head!

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  1. Ha, I've been making this guy as well! Just waiting for the head to arrive in the post. I've also been trying to make a Bombastic Bagman, but without a decent bag part for the head, it's not really doable. I've seen some great ones where people have 3D printed the bag head and it looks fantastic. But there's also the fact that the feet would need to be visible. If I could find blue legs with flesh coloured feet, I'll be making Bagman and classic Beast before he grew the blue fur.

    1. Oh yeah I forgot about bagman's barefoot look, maybe because i was too busy thinking about the head. I'm still on the lookout, feel free to share if you find some better ideas for the bag heaed!! :D

    2. for bagman could u not try put a brown single block on the body and add black dots for the eyes on the block

    3. I tried.. 1x1 block piece is too small for me and 2x2 block piece is too big for me. I want a 1x2 block piece but they you can't insert the minifig neck in the middle.. :/ But maybe i'll try again with the 2x2 block piece hehe