Thursday, August 10, 2017

DTB DTB039: Manphibian (Howling Commando) Minifig MOC

He's still kinda a work in progress, but I wanted some input from you guys!

Inspiration pictures:

Help me make a better Manphibian! (And the whole Howling Commandos team too)

Parts used:
Helmet - Scooby-Doo Merman minifig
Head - Killer Croc (Suicide Squad)
Torso, legs - Nick Fury (Blue SHIELD costume)
Others - Generic colored

So, any suggestions?

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  1. looks good i'd add a plate on the feet to give him extra height also u could add the elf hairpiece to the fig and u would have kid abomination

    1. I might switch the whole head into a Martian Manhunter head, then use this head for the Kid Abomination hehe thanks for the idea! And giving him extra height is also a good idea!! :D

    2. there is another kiler croc fig he is a darker green would work with headpiece ive since used his head for malefic

    3. I've been trying to find that fig in my local stores, but nothing.. I'll keep my eyes open for those though! :D

  2. Like it a lot! Red eyes would be good. Wish i could source a few of those merman heads. Used one on my heman merman.. then after waiting a month my aliexpress order was cancelled!!
    I also wish someone would rerelease the lego lizardman fig. I could use several of those!!!

    1. I think Lele released the lizardman from waaay back. Not sure about the quality though, and if it's even still available..