Sunday, August 13, 2017

Duo Le Pin DLP514: Marvel Minifigs with Mini Builds Including Thor Ragnarok Characters Preview

Would've preferred to see some GOTG and [more] Thor Ragnarok instead but oh well!

DLP514A - Berserker with the Fenrir wolf, don't know if it's the same as the official one but this is a good way to have it!

DLP514B - Thor with Valkyrie's ship, his helmet is SY's old mold and not Thor Ragnarok's.

DLP514C - Pilot Captain America with mini Captain America jet (as seen in TLG's official set)

DLP514D - Detroit Steel with modified Detroit Steel mech.

I like them all to be honest, except the Captain America one, I would've preferred it if they chose a different build for that one.. 

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  1. ? do u know if these are single sale dont really buy sets coz a few fenrirs would work for my thrones collection have the chima white wolf ordered

    1. Don't know yet. Actually, we don't even know yet if AliExpress will have these. A similar set-of-4-mini-builds also came out before from DLP and was never seen in AliExpress..