Monday, August 7, 2017

Duo Le Pin DLP9054: Spider-Verse Spider-Man Minifigs (Mostly Homecoming) Review

I would've loved this set, just like every other DLP Spider-Man set.. but my specific set had some issues..

See any errors already?

Before anything else, these were the "toys" included.. Fidget spinners and some sort of... yo-yos..? I won't be talking about them anymore, but if you wanna know more about them, feel free to approach me about them through Facebook or below.

These were interesting though. Don't know what these things are but they glow in the dark!! You can also use them as minifig heads or simple attach them to regular studs. Glow in the dark lamps anyone?

Each minifig also came with their own web accessories, this is pretty standard with DLP Spider-Men.

Well here's the biggest disappointment from my batch, no arm for Spider-Man 2099... Ugh.

I rushed to a different local store though and got individuals. My MCU Homemade Spider-Man suit also had a very noticeable eye scratch so I got a replacement as well. This shows how bad quality control is, even for DLP. Though it's also worth noting that I haven't seen anyone else have issues with this set, so this might have been a pretty isolated and unlucky set.

I'll be focusing on the new minifigs, the complete/better ones, for obvious reasons. I've got no issues with them. Printing's sharp and plastic is great. Some people might not like 2099's dotted look, but I'm fine with it, it's all preference with that already.

For all of them, some parts may be a bit loose, but nothing dealbreaking.

Chubby Spider logo for 2099. I wonder why..

We get a decent amount of side print for both. Shame that the colors aren't aligned too well for MCU Homemade, but still good enough for me.

Also, he doesn't even need the hoodie accessory! Lots of detail underneath the hoodie accessory.

From left to right it's Big Time Spider-Man (aka Stealth suit, I think), Homecoming Movie Spider-Man with Science team jacket, White Spider-Man 2099, and 2002 Movie Spider-Man.
All of them have well done printing! Plastic quality is great too, except for some legs and arms being too lose, but nothing too bothersome.

Big Time's eyes seem a bit off and too big though, but his torso and legs make up for it. There's also a green version of this guy in the comics, neon green instead of neon orange; I wonder if we'll see a copy, but black suit Spider-Man first please.
The Homecoming Science Team suit also looks great, but head and legs are simply recycled, but the torso is interesting though! Would be great for some pictures!
White Spider-Man 2099 doesn't seem like a simple repaint of blue 2099 because of the differences in sizes of some design elements and the lack of side prints for the white one.
2002 Movie Spider-Man has been on my target list for a while now, and while his design isn't the best, especially since it's old, it's still iconic. No issues here! The choice for a red body with blue paint and not blue body with red paint is a bit weird, but not too bothersome. Hopefully we get the wrestling suit soon, hopefully with flesh face and not yellow, no racism intended...

Back view.
White Spider-Man 2099's back logo looks better (and smaller) than the blue one.. I wonder why they're different..

Nothing much on the sides.

Red piece in front = DLP9054 aka the new one aka the one we're reviewing!
The one on the right is part of DLP's Marvel set with Thanos, CW Hawkeye, etc etc. Just like TLG's MCU Spider-Men, there are some subtle differences.  Quality wise, I've got no issues with DLP9054; the silver on his eyes don't seem as good as the old one's though. It's all up to preference now whether you want the new or old one.

It's worth noting that the new one, DLP9054, doesn't have dual molded legs. They even tried to make it seem like they're dual molded, but no, unlike the older one. (Actually not sure if the older one is also dual molded, because the insides of the upper part is red, and when you put his legs in sitting position, the top is red and not blue; my point is though that the older one's legs are done better than this new one.) Also, the spider logo on the back, as well as the belt, are different; up to preference on which one you want!

Yes even the side prints are different. Here you see how bad the side legs of the new one are. Seems like he ran out of cloth or something. The arms though are very different, not just modifications or resizing which we saw on the front and back. Both still look pretty decent though, but I guess the new one is more accurate.

In the end, I prefer the Homecoming suit that came out with one of the waves, the one with lighter blue color.

(This guy, from an older set, is my preferred Homecoming suit. Design isn't from TLG.)
"Cool, you have a metal arm?"

Again, red piece in front = the one from this set!
Guess which one is from DLP? The left and middle ones! The right one is from XINH. The middle one came from DLP's 8pcs minifigs set with Hulk, Weapon X, etc.
If we're gonna talk about my preference, it would be middle one then right one, then lastly, this new one. He just looks horrible. To be fair, he does look alright, but beside the XINH one, he's horrible. XINH's design has belt print and better sized eyes, while DLP9054 has no belt, and weirdly huge eyes. Though, his plastic quality is better than XINH's though. In the end, I think the best one is the DLP9050 Agent Venom; we actually saw this design as a chrome minifig from POGO(?) in the past, but I'm no fan of chrome [if the character doesn't fit being chrome].

XINH still wins here.

When you're reading my reviews, don't just take it by my words, also take a look at the pictures for your own judgment! Of course, my words can be helpful, but at times they may be irrelevant to you, but hey, at least they're there! Hahaha. I'd love to hear suggestions, recommendations, or criticisms though!

TL;DR - It's a good set. To be fair, I'd call it a great set, (not counting the quality control issues I faced) but the presence of previously released minifigs, like Agent Venom, makes this set look bad especially since they didn't improve. The design choices were also weird, compared to previous DLP Spider-Man sets, but it is great we got blue 2099 and homemade suit at least.

For Philippine readers, I think AngeloMarcus Greenhills will have these soon so just stand by. They already released some of them for single sale I think, Science Team jacket suit to be specific, I think. For international readers, usually you can't get single sale of these guys, maybe Kopf will have them, but for the most part, I think they come as a set, but I think it's worth it in the end, especially if you're a Spider-Man fan.

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  1. There was actually a set a long time ago that came with 2002 movie Spider-Man and also Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider. Lele 78018.

    1. Oh, and yes, that's movie black suit from Spider-Man 3 in that set as well.

    2. Oh damn I hope they remake them. I love the designs but Lele quality, specifically the past Lele figs, is just horrible.

    3. These weren't the worst. I have the set. It's not bad. Not the best, but not bad.

  2. Hi man!

    I started to follow your blog 3 months ago, i'm really fan for all Marvel minifig and is really hard to found some blogs about the "non-official" minifigs, you are doing a good job :). Well, I have a problem, I was searching DLP sets in aliexpress but i didn't found nothing... How i can find this sets?

    Thanks for help! Regards from Spain!

    1. Thanks! :D Just search AliExpress using their item codes, for this it's DLP9054 or DLP 9054. If this is the one you're searching for, Kopf also released these as KF6024.

      If you're looking for a different DLP set though, sometimes AliExpress doesn't get to release everything that I preview or review.. :(

  3. Your Blue Spidey right arm must have landed in my set, the one I have got two right arms :}

    1. O M G HAHAHAHA well enjoy your extra arm hahaha, I've always thought about it that way. If I had extra parts for my minifig, then someone's probably missing those parts from their minifigs.. hahahaha

    2. No extra - Two right arms meaning there is no left arm

  4. I think you add a spiderweb between two of the flourescent balls. Instant thumb-chucks!
    I go on hols for a week or two and hundreds of things come out! Thanks to dtb i can catch up :)

    1. Yeah I did that but then, I don't get what they're for.. Hahahaha

    2. and I'm glad my blog helps!! :D