Sunday, August 13, 2017

JLB 3D42: TLBM Minifigs with Go-karts Preview

Oh neat they combine!

Probably old news but they might be interesting for other people, although JLB has never been a "good" brand.

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  1. Cgs show they use some old cowls. Besides that manly "Batgirl" scares me.

    Looks horrible tbh. Last time I ordered JLB seller didn't put me instructions for those carts. No way I'm buying those again.

    1. Yeah, it's a no for JLB almost all the time hahaha the only thing interesting they released, I think, is the pink suit Armored Batman (BvS) lol

    2. Really? I have one but it's IQToys.

      There was also really weird IQToys set with tanned Batman in Pink Batgirl suit. Now I regret I missed it.

    3. Ohhhhhhh. I might be wrong then.. I think it was the IQToys that I saw.. Sorry haha.. I end up confusing these bad brands together, JLB, IQToys, etc etc haha