Sunday, August 6, 2017

POGO PG234-PG241: Nighthawk, The Patriot, Original Human Torch, and more Marvel Minifigs Preview

Thanks to Aizad for the heads up!

PG234 - 90's Havok
PG235 - Blazing Skull
PG236 - Original Human Torch
PG237 - Future Foundation Invisible Woman
PG238 - The Patriot aka Jeffrey Mace
PG239 - Kamala Khan
PG240 - The Mandarin?
PG241 - Nighthawk

Credits to some of the details go to

I've been wanting Nighthawk, and the rest of Squadron Supreme for a while now!

If you're from the Philippines, then I want to say that I'm confident that AngeloMarcus at Shoppesville Plus Greenhills will also have these soon, but if not, they'll get other new arrivals for sure while waiting for these guys!! 

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  1. 234 is X-Force Havok. All the details at

  2. Oh man. I've been hanging out for Jim Hammond and Havok for ages. And Mace will go nicely with my Agents of SHIELD.

    1. Yeah love the Mace one. I would've loved to see the other Agents sa well, but I guess they're also too plain and a bit uninteresting, in terms of design. Would love Deathlok though <3

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    3. Definitely a Deathlok. That would be great. And Robbie Ghost Rider and Trip are basically all I'm missing.

    4. Yeah I'd want a Robbie Ghost Rider; I'm hoping TLG does one, with the car and a whole new mold for the head because Robbie's Ghost Rider head is a bit different from the classic on anyway hehe

      Oh I actually have a MOC Mack coming up soon, I'll post about him soon!! :D

    5. I'm still waiting on a few more pieces to finish off mine, but I have Coulson, May, Fitz, Simmons, Daisy, Mack, and Ward. I want to get a photo as a group, so I'm waiting for the last few parts to come in the post. I'll send you a message when they're done.

      Looking forward to seeing your Mack, though!

  3. I like this set a lot but Nighthawk really should have a cloak rather than wings. Easy enough to costuming, I suppose.

    1. I'm thinking the same!!! I like the wings but he doesn't fit in my display because of the wings hahaha