Thursday, August 10, 2017

POGO PG228, PG232, PG233: Count Nefaria, Kilgrave, Captain Britain Minifig Reviews

Initially previewed here!

Was also gonna post a solo review for Kilgrave but I ran out of time, and since they come from the same set, I'll combine them into one post. Oh and Kilgrave = Purple Man.

Before anything, Purple Man comes with this gun as an accessory. Not sure if he really uses a gun in the comics, but usually he justs manipulates people into doing the dirty work for him.

I know a lot of people aren't fans of this design, and it's mainly because of him being not purple.. And I too am not a huge fan of this fig because of that. The original source of the design had a light purple shade, I think. Other than that, I think it's okay, it's still not as good in terms of design though, at least in my opinion, but quality is alright. The curves on his suit make him look a bit more feminine and his face seems small..

Plain old purple at the sides.

Back print still has those curves. They don't necessary make him look like a female character, maybe they just used it to make him look slimmer..

Back face isn't aligned sadly, but not too big of a deal when you use the hair piece anyway.

TL;DR - He's decent. I get that people don't like the white skin instead of purple, but overall he's a decent minifig.

Love these two minifigs! Captain Britain has always been interesting to me, and Count Nefaria was a standout villain for me when I saw the Lego Marvel games before. I have no issues with these two minifigs, it seems that POGO made these two pretty well, or at least I got lucky and got the better made ones.

Back view. Great details still on Captain Britain.

Side view, still no issues for me!

Better view at Captain Britain's arms. Simple but really gets the job done!

What I did find weird is the choice of torso color; why did they use white torso and not blue torso since blue is the prominent color of the print anyway? I was thinking that maybe they thought they'd have a hard time putting the white lines and lower abs print onto a dark blue torso.. But who knows what the real reasons are.. At least the end product still looks great, at least for me!

Closer look at Count Nefaria! See, they can print white on black!? Why didn't they do the same to Captain Britain? Oh well. Anyway, the details on him are decent, looking at the pictures now, they seem a bit smudged but in real life, I didn't even notice these issues. The face though is one of the highlights, at least for me, seems like a reusable face that's still unique! The arms are also useful for MOCs, specifically for my classic Punisher hehe.

Back view!

TL;DR - Not bad, POGO, but please continue improving!

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