Tuesday, August 8, 2017

POGO PG250, PG254: Hela and Loki Minifigs Comparison with XINH Review

POGO vs XINH. Biggest rivalry of 2017?

We'll be focusing on Hela and Loki.

First thing's first, these are the weapons they came with. Left is POGO Hela and right is XINH Hela. You can also tell based on their baseplate; POGO base plate is smaller, like official TLG, while XINH Hela is bigger, square shape.

I'll let the pictures do the talking for now, then speak about the differences below.

You can see how XINH's helmet's horns are more spread out than POGO. Up to preference now.

Two big differences regarding the back:
1) Cape. XINH cape is darker green which I believe is more accurate.
2) Helmet. XINH's has those yellow dots on the back which I believe is more accurate as well.

POGO wins here though, the regular face looks way better than XINH's, and that's usually the case with XINH faces..

And here we have the biggest difference between the two. POGO's helmet is made of a different material, sorta like a rubber thing.. Personally I don't like it, if you have the old SY Silk minifig around, then I think her hairpiece and this would be very similar. Although POGO's shape is much more consistent than XINH's. I still can't get both sides of the XINH helmet to align, it's not obvious in the pictures though but in reality they aren't as aligned as I'd want to. Also, because of the rubber-like material on POGO's helmet, the prints come out looking blurry.. They also have different print designs if you look closely.

No problem with the masked face, although my POGO Hela didn't come with the normal hair.. What a disappointment even though you probably won't use the normal hairpiece on her.

Now onto Loki.

POGO Loki came with his normal staff, while XINH Loki came with his Infinity Gem Staff. Shouldn't matter as much because TLG Loki doesn't even have a weapon if I'm not mistaken.

Honestly not a lot of differences regarding the print design.

POGO Loki doesn't have his normal hair too like Hela, while XINH Loki has the normal hair.

One of the more notable differences would be the helmets. First of all, POGO's material is like soft plastic, a bit more bendy than XINH's; XINH's helmet is made of the plain old plastic you find on minifig helmets.Also, you can zoom in on the pictures and look at the seemingly more detailed POGO helmet. Now, I'd honestly prefer POGO's helmet except for some concerns...

..those plastic nubs on POGO's helmet just breaks it for me.. Maybe you can sand it away, but still not worth the effort especially since the XINH helmet is fine, other than [not too] less details.

Oh yeah, cape differences are the usual. POGO cape (on the left) is that bright, not-so-soft cape while the XINH cape's inside is like that suede feel and the outer the more rough feel. I don't mind any material, what matters for me is the color, and that it's not like TLG's soft capes which I'm no fan of because they're so thick they end up looking like scarves sometimes..

TL;DR - XINH > POGO. I still think that if possible, get both to mix and match, but for the most part, XINH wins. In the past, I have favored POGO over XINH, but I guess now it's different. I do hope POGO improves and that XINH continues to improve as well!

Got them from AngeloMarcus Greenhills (Philippines) by the way, the great thing with physical stores is you can see them in person before ordering!

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