Thursday, August 3, 2017

POGO PG252: Thor Minifig Review and Comparison with XINH Thor

Initially thought it was a black helmet, turns out it's just darker grey.

Better look at the helmet mold. It's quite different from XINH's, not just in terms of color. See pictures below for more comparisons.

I've got no issues with printing on any of these guys, and no issues with the mold too. This review will simply focus on comparing the 2 brands. POGO's Thor is generally darker than XINH's, in terms of torso, legs , and helmet. I think POGO seems to be more accurate, but it would still be interesting to see the 2 brands side by side with the official ones.

Do note that POGO didn't come with accessories, while XINH's identical Thor comes with those shooting pieces.

Back view. You can see the difference in the cape's material for both XINH and POGO. I don't mind any of the two though, as long as it's not plain old paper lol. You can also see more of the differences in the helmet. I really prefer POGO's mold, but XINH's color.

More helmet differences. Which do you prefer so far?

POGO's head's skin tone seems to be more accurate to the original one too, and so is the beard's darker color. XINH's heads were not my preferred parts, they just seemed too orange-y and generally looked off.

Same to say about the alternate faces.

Back printing. Same deal as the front. Darker for the POGO.

POGO's left arm has a more metallic feel to the printing on them and I prefer these over XINH.

To me, there are the dealbreakers. XINH's helmets had longer "ears" and also had thinner nose covers, or whatever those things are. If you also look at the pictures above these, you'll see the presence of more details on POGO's helmet. In the end it all comes down to preference.

If anything, maybe you can purchase one from XINH and another from POGO. If you get PG252 and XINH 651 (Blue Thor), then you'll have the two different Thor minifigs from the two official sets coming out while also having them different from each other in terms of helmet mold and skin/torso tone.

They actually changed him by the way. POGO initially previewed him with a yellow caped one with armor markings (arena Thor) then switched him into this ("normal" Thor.)

The nice thing about having a physical local store is that even if the brand changes the fig itself from the preview image, you'd be able to see it in the local store first. + AngeloMarcus Greenhills, my local store, has the new ones always on display, so you can see them asap (and any changes that have been made to them).

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  1. can you post the boxes of minifigs of the pogo ones? thank you