Wednesday, August 9, 2017

POGO PG727, PG732: M-OC Hunter Droid and Kanan Jarrus Minifigs Review

Previously previewed here!

Was gonna do them as solo minifig reviews, but I suddenly got my hands on the M-OC Hunter Droid so I'll combine them instead!

Here's the droid. Biggest issues? Head mold and print alignment. Other than those, the plastic quality (not counting the nubs) and print quality are good.

Loving the detail on this droid's head!

There's also a hand piece at the back; I assume it's for the saber.

The head comes in two pieces actually, which is great because the neck thing can be used for other MOCs most probably!

A look at the bare minifig torso. As I said above, print and plastic quality are good, but the alignment is horrible. Just look at the belt, that should be at the middle. Legs and torso also have misaligned prints, but the most obvious would be the belt..

Nothing going on at the sides.

Back print's alignment is better at least.

If you haven't noticed yet, the head and neck molds have those nubs on them that are just too big in my opinion. They really ruin the look of the whole minifig.. I'm hoping this is an isolated case and that it's just mine, but it's good for you guys to know about these issues anyway.

The misalignment is most probably a quality control issue, something bootleggers have always faced (especially POGO recently). Let's hope POGO improves, but in the meantime, if you're really interested in this guy, go pick up the legit one if you can instead! Legit is always better too anyway!

For Kanan it's pretty straightforward. He's a simple minifig, and that's not bad at all. I got no issues with this one compared to the droid above. Maybe because he's much simpler to make too. If anything, only the face and legs almost bothered me, but in the end they didn't; the face seemed off and the left and right leg's knee prints seemed inconsistent, but it's alright in the end, at least for me.

Side view. Sweet ponytail by the way haha.

Back print.

Alternate face.

TL;DR - M-OC Hunter Droid is still a must buy, I had issues with print alignment and plastic nubs though, but the design itself is great; I'm just hoping POGO improves their quality control. Kanan is also a must buy for Star Wars Rebels fans, he's simple but he gets the job done!

Got these guys from AngeloMarcus, the whole set from the preview's not available yet at the time of this writing, but AngeloMarcus Greenhills still gets them as soon as they come out, even if their "setmates" aren't out yet. I think that's pretty great actually, because sometimes 7/8 of the set are out already but that 1/8 remaining gets released like weeks later.. So good job, my local store!

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