Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sembo 11706, 11707: Block Gold Outposts Preview

GI Joe

Sembo 11706 and Sembo 11707

I've always been intrigued by Block Gold, and this is no excemption! Only thing I'm not a fan of is that the minifigs seem to always repeat..

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  1. 11694 - a large tank, see
    11700 - a large helicopter, see and
    11701 - sort of a command centre, see and

    Finally, 11597-11600, which shouldn't really be new any more but I think they haven't been posted on this blog, see e. g.!!0-item_pic.jpg and

    Best regards, Oederland

    1. Thanks man! 11700 is in my drafts, but all those other ones I haven't seen.. Thanks! :D

  2. Oh yeah, what I wanted to say, seems some more sets are coming, see above ;)

    Yes indeed, it's a shame they just continue with the same minifigs. It's basically the same with the "Ghost Tribes" sets, but less striking still as there aren't that many sets anyway. With "Block Gold" you would sadly get lots of repetitions, and some of the minifigs are really rather unique (not to say bizarre, like the guy with the pink trousers). It would already be better if they included more generic minifigs then, e. g. a certain soldier minifig of which one could easily imagine to have several of those.

    1. Yeah I think that's a better idea, include generic soldiers for army building instead of these unique characters that would look weird as an army..

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