Friday, August 4, 2017

Sheng Yuan SY669: SDCC Howard the Duck - Deadpool (Duckpool) Minifig Review

Trying white background for now because why not.
Thanks, AngeloMarcus Greenhills, for the very quick release!!!

Now this guy is amazing. Print and mold quality are great, as you'd expect from Sheng Yuan. He's even got extra accessories that the SDCC one didn't have. I really have no concerns about this guy, but I can't really compare him with the SDCC one as that's worth quite a lot.. Haha.

He comes with a Thompson SMG and a sword. Not sure if the sword is an official TLG mold but the Thompson is surely not.

Side view. No problem here!

Back view with swords. He's got those feather moldings at the back of his head. He also comes with swords unlike the SDCC version, if I'm not mistaken.

Back torso printing. His legs don't have holes, just like official short legs. Bit of a surprise because SY is known for releasing their short legs with movable legs (able to sit and move) with one hole eachc leg. He also comes with those belt accessory things, which is a welcome addition, and easily removable too anyway.

A comparison with Lele Donald Duck. They both have holes on their head for accessories like Donald's hat. Hoping for a regular Howard the Duck that comes with a regular hat!

Duckpool's and Donald's head molds are identical as far as I can tell. SY added some color inside the mouth though at least.

SY Duckpool also came with flippers, that I'll be removing beacuse it prevents them from attaching to baseplates, but again it's a welcome addition to the package!

Oh he didn't come with a baseplate by the way.

TL;DR - This is a great alternative to the rare and expensive SDCC Duckpool. If you want an alt or knockoff Duckpool, this is the best for now. We'll have to wait and see for Dargo's 6-set Duckpool, but it's worth noting that SY is still on top in terms of quality!

Thanks to my local store, AngeloMarcus for this Duckpool. He got sold out quick, I think he arrived last monday or tuesday but I only got him on wednesday, and he was already sold out! Thankfully AngeloMarcus reserved one for me! I'm sure they'll restock soon so visit them asap! PM or comment me for more details about the store. (If you're from the Philippines)

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  1. Nice review!

    Does Lego version have any accessories at all? Pics I've seen show Duckpool only in the box.

    Btw I like black background better.

    1. Thanks!

      I don't think the official one has any accessories at all..

      And yeah in the end I do prefer black too.. Sadly, my next set of reviews are already using white background haha, next week I'll use black again :D

  2. nice one! So jealous...nice review DT :)

  3. This is the kind of hard hitting journalism that is keeping the world from tearing in two. You are the world's Patriot.