Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sheng Yuan SY875: Detroit Steel Strikes Review

Should've gotten this weeks ago but oh well.

10 bags and 1 sticker sheet.

Say hi to the family!

Let's start with a review of the Detroit Steel mech. I like it, but I don't love it. Articulation's pretty good, it was a surprise that there weren't any too loose joints or too tight; it might be different per set though as bootlego quality control, even if it's SY, still isn't as good as TLG's. There are small movable parts in this mech like the wing flaps, fingers, two exhaust ports (or look like exhaust ports) at the back of the head, two chest pieces beside the minifig itself, and the minifig's cover. All the prints on the mech are stickers, not printed on by the way.
Would've loved to see this bigfig from the games.

Dull looking back part, not bad but definitely not the best view too.

There's Justin Hammer sittting in his Detroit Steel mech. 
The weapons may be great additions to the mech but I'm not a fan of them. The saw should've added a better gear function that allows you to move it from the back of the arms, or at least a way to move them easily, because moving the saw with the saw part itself is a pain. The gun on the other hand seems out of proportion, but they shoot well at least. The good thing is that both weapons are easily removable if you don't want them.

Onto Iron Man. This is my first ANAD version of Iron Man, I almost bought the DLP set with one, but passed since I got the Hulk from that set through Decool (review soon) and Agent Venom through single sale.This means I can't compare it to POGO/XINH, sadly. I did see a POGO/XINH one before in person, and I remember it being of worse quality than this one. If you haven't purchased your ANAD Iron Man, get this one (or maybe DLP's since DLP is same as SY). Great plastic quality and print quality in terms of colors and alignment!

Nothing much on the sides.

Sadly, SY Iron Man doesn't have the new shooting pieces. Yes, the one my XINH Thor has.

Love these three. Better than POGO's for sure, in terms of plastic and print quality. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Tony's face seems a bit small though..

Great alternate faces.

Inside look at Lola.

Yes, the car's wheels turn that way to replicate it's flying mode!

I don't know if it's just mine though, or if I'm just too picky, but the wheels don't seem to go all the way flat.. Not too much of a big deal, but it kinda bothered me for a while.

Bumper is sticker! 

The extra parts. Super jumper thing that I am NOT a fan of at all is there. Also, Tony and Justin have their own hairpieces.

TL;DR - Get the official one if you can, always! But here is also a good alternative. So far, only SY and Bela have released/previewed this set. It's well made, and it's a good substitute for the official one. SY didn't disappoint this time, I do hope they try and make more new designs, perhaps like their older SY 8pc minifig sets, or at least sets that haven't been made by other bootleggers yet (ehem GOTV v2 and Spider-Man Homecoming)

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  1. Sheng Yuan is getting very lazy , they didn't even bother to make the power blast pieces and they also skipped the sticker detail behind the wheel of Lola , you can see them in Lego if you turn the car into flying mode

    1. Yeah it's sad. Didn't know about the sticker thing too :(