Sunday, August 6, 2017

WM Brand WM305: God of War's Kratos Minifig (Formerly AngeloMarcus Greenhills Exclusive)

Probably the same brand as Juohmaru and God Mars

He comes in this kind of plastic, not like the usual POGO/XINH ones. (Just like Juohmaru and God Mars)

I love this guy. He's made well enough. Plastic quality is great, no issues at all. Printing is very sharp, the only issues would be the alignment of some prints, which you'll see in a while. Also, the face looks a bit off, but still gets the Kratos look, at least in my opinion.

Even side prints are great! Only issue is the alignment, you can see how the red skirt isn't completely aligned with the molds. Always happens with bootlego, but it would've been better if it really was aligned.

His body paint goes from front to side, then to the back and the back head. (See below)
(Closer look at misaligned leg prints, both on foot and side legs)

Back print.

I think this type of blade suits him best, in case you guys wanna add some weapons for him!

TL;DR - If you're from the Philippines, pick it up ASAP from AngeloMarcus Greenhills. I haven't seen this guy anywhere else.. So he might end up as one of those rare bootlego figs. If you're not from the Philippines, then best to do is to hope that your preferred seller will get them, maybe try and inquire about this guy if you can.

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  1. Is this really exclusive on philippines or not??

    1. I'm honestly not sure, but I haven't seen it anywhere else online..

  2. He isn't not aliexpress at least not yet

  3. He's now on Aliexpress, I've ordered one with the conjuring nun