Saturday, August 12, 2017

Kopf KF391: God Mars Minifig Preview (Not Same as WM303 God Mars and WM304 Juohmaru)

I already reviewed him WM303 God Mars weeks ago though.

Mine didn't have swords though, and it was pretty much brandless. It was an AngeloMarcus (my local store) exclusive for while, but now it's not and I'm glad other people will have the chance to get this guy as well!

This is Kopf's picture but I recently learned that he and Juohmaru are from WM Brand. 

Kopf's God Mars and WM's God Mars are not the same!
"KOPF Godmars is not WM , WM printing on the side is much better than KOPF"
Also, WM303 God Mars doesn't have swords, while KF391 does.

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  1. Pics of the WM fig from the rear show white legs. KF are black/blue base colour.

    1. Wow sharp eyes! But true! Seems like KF is copying WM designs, or also possibly the other way around.. I hope they just do their own designs, just copy elsewhere and not from fellow bootleggers.. :/