Friday, August 11, 2017

XINH 636, 638-642: Ares, Hun Warrior, and Other Minifig Warriors Review

Initially previewed here!

XINH 636 - Island Warrior Tiki (CMF)
XINH 638 - Hun Warrior (CMF)
XINH 639 - Ares (Marvel)
XINH 640 - Battle Goddess (CMF)
XINH 641 - Evil Knight (CMF)
XINH 642 - Tribal Chief (CMF)

Island Warrior Tiki and Hun Warrior.

The weapons they came with.

Not much going on at the sides, but side legs are printed for both! Yay!

Nothing at the back sadly.

The horns are removable from Hun Warrior's helmet, though it is important to note that the official CMF Hun Warrior's helmet has different horns, and not like the one XINH has.

Tiki Warrior's mask is a neck accessory and not a helmet. His headpiece also has a claw type piece to hold the bone!

Here's a better look Tiki Warrior's mask; it's a neck accessory so just align it well for the eyes to see through the mask's eyeholes!

Onto Battle Goddess and Ares. Battle Goddess' lips seem off.. Ares' torso print isn't aligned well. Other than those two issues, I've got nothing else negative to say.

The weapons they came with. Ares is a Marvel character and not copied from the official CMF line; his weapons from the comics aren't Spartan spears/shields, so just feel free to replace those. Battle Goddess' shield looks great though, no issues on printing or quality.

Side view. Ares' arms have different prints and they look great.

Without their masks/helmets.

Closer look at Ares' not-so-aligned torso.

Back view. And alternate face for Ares!

I love how Ares' torso has side prints: his belt going all around his body!

Had a hard time with Battle Goddess' skirt.. I really didn't get it and I don't even know if I did this correctly..

Helmet's "feathers' are  also removable.

Gave my Ares a different weapon. A black axe, the blades came from DLP9054 then colored black and attached to a stick piece.

Now we go to Tribal Chief and Evil Knight. No big issues here. I just don't like the how the leg pieces and the waist piece of Tribal Chief don't seem to be aligned too well.. There's also a bit of misprint on Tribal Chief's torso as you can see on the picture.

These are the accessories they came with. I love Evil Knight's shield, the printing and quality are great.

Back view.

No printing inside Evil Knight's armor.

Nothing going on at the sides.

Nothing going on at the back, though Tribal Chief's headpiece and Evil Knight's armor cover their respective backs anyway.

Got these guys pretty early at AngeloMarcus Greenhills. Sorry for the late review though, it's been a busy week!

TL;DR - These guys are MUST-HAVE. I love these guys, and I commend XINH for the good quality. Sadly my Ares had quality control issues, the kinda misaligned torso print, but other than that, they're superb.

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