Saturday, August 12, 2017

XINH 695, 696: Grey Suit Joker and Captain Boomerang Minifigs Review

Previously previewed here!

XINH 695 - Joker
XINH 696 - Captain Boomerang

This is gonna be a pretty straightforward review, or more like a showcase of pictures.

Printing and plastic quality wise, I've got no issues. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Joker comes with that gun/speaker thing. Boomerang comes with those horn pieces that act as boomerangs.

No back printing for Joker, sadly. No alternate faces for them both too.

My only issue with XINH in general is that sometimes, their heads look off, with either too big faces or too small. Hopefully they fix those issues soon, and fortunately with these, it seems better or at least it is for me.

This set would've been a good opportunity for XINH to have released those Suicide Squad minifigs we don't have yet. 

TL;DR - Good minifigs. I hope the rest of the set are just as good or better. 

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