XINH X0156: Walking Dead Minifigs Including Negan, Rick, Michonne, and Others Review

Preview picture seen here.

Not one zombie in the set. Good or bad?

Let's start with XINH 579 - Michonne. I don't personally like her. The skin tone seems too light? The face isn't something I like too. Still, it's really easy to identify her as Michonne. All those are just personal opinions, but in terms of quality, she's good! The hair is a different story though.

The hairpiece isn't the usual plastic hair piece material and that's probably because it's a unique mold. It's that rubbery material that we see in other minifigs too. Do I like it? Well, I'm neutral about it. If it's necessary, then I understand. I just wish that the paint on it, specifically the front, was better.

Underneath the hair. Michonne's iconic look captured, right?

And here's Michonne's back view, with an alternate face.

Now for XINH 580 - Daryl Dixon, XINH 581 - Maggie Green, XINH 582 - Morgan Jones.

These are the weapons they came with. That's a lot, Daryl! Haha

Quality wise they're great! I just don't like how Maggie's skin on the torso print doesn't match the arms too well, but it's better than some of POGO's figs. The hairpiece on her is also great, it's the usual plastic too!

Back view. Again, great hair piece. I hope to see more characters have this hair mold.

Back view. A scratch on Daryl's eyebrow. At least he has an alternate face.

XINH 583 Glenn Rhee (SWAT Uniform). Honestly, we can just say he's anyone.. He's like a generic SWAT soldier, and I like it. Could be useful for those who want to build squads of SWAT guys. Quality is also great, both minifig and the accessories.

The torso does remind me of Glenn's attire in the show sometimes.

No back print, unfortunately..

His accessories.

The back of the armor comes with that stud thing for backpacks, etc.

XINH 584 - Rick Grimes (Sheriff Uniform)
XINH 585 - Negan
XINH 586 - Governor
Governor was named Daryl in the preview picture lol.

Okay so these are the accessories they came with. Negan's bat, Lucille, sadly just has printed barbed wire instead of a whole mold dedicated to it. Still better than nothing, I guess.

The figs are great quality wise.

Back view. Negan has an alternate face.

The thing I find weird about this set is the inconsistency. Some of the figs had some pretty intricate designs while the others had simple ones.. Oh well.

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CAYI's Biochemical Policeman line also has some Walking Dead characters.

So this is actually a late review, sorry. I got these guys from AngeloMarcus Greenhills some days ago already and forgot all about this set unfortunately. Hoping to pass by them soon to get new hauls!

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