Thursday, April 19, 2018

Kopf KF426, KF431, KF434, KF437, KF442, KF453: Popeye, Night King, Trickster, and Other Superhero Characters Minifigs Preview

KF426 - Popeye

KF431 - Supergirl

KF434 - Trickster

KF437 - Red Tornado

KF442 - Night King

KF453 - Iron Man MK 1

MK 1 is different from Decool's because the helmet seems more similar to SY's Iron Stan's helmet.
Check out the other MK 1 variants here.

Definitely excited to see these in person! Thankfully, Kopf seems to deliver to us, and AngeloMarcus Greenhills much quicker than POGO/XINH. Hoping to review them soon!

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  1. One important thing to note about KF-437 Red Tornado is that the figure it is based on (SY289 -- not sure if that is based on something as well) has a dual-face and the other side looks really good (especially as a better default face). Even though the figure has no hair-piece, the dual-face works well because of the collar.

    Happy to finally get some (new-ish) DC superheroes!

  2. i have my Night's King but that will be a great army builder

  3. Poop Popeye his arms are so sloppy.


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