Kopf KF429, KF430, KF433: Infinity War Spider-Man and Captain America/Nomad with Hydra Captain America Minifigs Review

From this bigger set.
The others were reviewed here.

KF429 - Iron Spider aka Spider-Man Infinity War Suit
Overall great quality. I dislike the legs having no dual molding or even side prints. This is TLG's fault though because it's there design, but it's also TLG's fault if you love this fig.

A view of the sides. The arm printing is great. Again, no side leg prints which is very disappointing.

A view of the back with the spider arms. The quality of the plastic on the spider arms and the backpack piece is also pretty good. No back leg prints too.

Underneath the arms. I'm thinking if I should remove them when I display him because they take up a lot of space but I also like the look. Though maybe, they could've included thinner arms, right?

KF430 - Captain America/Nomad (Right)
KF433 - Captain America Hydra version

Overall quality is great. The prints are amazing and so is the plastic. The "A" on the Hydra Cap's helmet isn't straight/aligned though, so others might find that iffy.

Underneath the mask is this face for Captain Hydra.

A look at Cap's shield. Nomad doesn't have shields, or well those are supposed to be his new shields in the movie.

Side views. Great amount of detail on Hydra Cap while Nomad's is minimal probably because it simply copied TLG's version. Still looks good, in my opinion.

A view of the backs. The white arms on Hydra Cap kinda suck because they could've put the blue in more. No alternate faces for both.

This is another great set of figs from Kopf. I hope they do the other IW characters too, and some new, unmade characters too.

It's been a tiring week/month for me emotionally and it's a bit hard doing anything. I don't wanna be too dramatic though and I found that doing these reviews and organizing my figs help me calm down. Expect to see more soon! Plus, I'm sure AngeloMarcus Greenhills will be receiving more arrivals soon so I didn't want a backlog of reviews waiting to be posted. Slowly but surely; thanks for the patience everyone!

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  1. One of the legs has a blue lighter than the other.
    Captain america

  2. Cheer up! Hope you overcome your problems. Greetings from Spain!!


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