Lele D027: Avengers Infinity War Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet with Gems Preview

Finally, right?

Thanks to Sonny for the heads up!

Not sure thought if all the colors will be included because in this picture there are only 5 and two of them seem to be the same color..?

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  1. Man, I hope we get all 6 stones. I don't want to have to bug all 6 sets (Lego or even the cheaper Lepin) to build the Infinity Gauntlet.

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  3. According to pictures that some AliExpress stores have uploaded, this comes with a translucent red, blue, purple, and yellow stone, and a totally-not-matching opaque orange stone. I'm not sure the stones match with the official Lego ones, so if you buy the official green(+orange) stone(s) the collection might not match.

    Disappointed that the 6 stones aren't provided. This went from an insta-buy to meh. Does anyone think there is any chance that another bootlego-er will try to make this? I don't want to buy the stones at Ebay's exorbitant prices..

  4. All stones not included. Missing the Time Gem/Stone and also the Orange is the same color as the glove itself. This printing should have NEVER been sold because it's so incomplete.


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