Wednesday, April 18, 2018

POGO PG1208: Transparent Violet Godzilla Minifig Review

Honestly, it's the same as the others except the color.

Good overall quality. 

One issue is that the right hand was stuck at that angle which was very unfortunate especially since it doesn't come with a spare hand.

Underneath we get decent printing.

The sides.

Nothing on the back. If you wanna see the overall look of the fig, check out the other Godzilla minifig reviews because they're practically identical except in terms of color/transparency.

Check out other Godzilla related figs here.

This is the last one, so far. 
Check out an almost-complete list of POGO figs here.

I have a new small haul from AngeloMarcus Greenhills and I'll try to take review pics asap. It's just that my schedule has been hectic because of personal reasons and academic reasons.

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