Tuesday, April 3, 2018

POGO PG2001-PG2008: Various Mobile Suit Gundam Minifigs Preview

PG2001 - Gundam Ground Type (RX79)
PG2002 - Gundam (RX78-2)
PG2003 - Gundam Ground Type (GM Colors)
PG2004 - Gundam RX78-2 (GRN Camo)
PG2005 - Gundam MK II
PG2006 - Gundam MK II-2
PG2007 - Gundam Atlas (RX-78 AL)
PG2008 - Gundam GP01

Here in the Philippines there are many Gundam fans, myself included, and I'm sure people will be flocking AngeloMarcus Greenhills when these get out.. I'll try to get them asap for review and because I want them too!

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