Thursday, April 12, 2018

POGO PG434, PG436, PG437, PG440: Superman, Killmonger, Spider-Man, and Lobo Minifigs

PG434 - Superman
PG436 - Iron Spider
PG437 - Killmonger
PG440 - Lobo

Superman's included too but forgot him in the group picture, sorry.

I also have the Outrider but I'll review it with XINH's Outrider as a comparison review, stay tuned.

Superman is very basic. He's a clone of the TLG TLBM version. He's not bad, but admittedly better than usual POGO figs. The hair mold has a very noticeable mold lline though which could be annoying. These new POGO capes also seem cheap by the way.

He has an alternate face.

His back printing.

The star of the show. For some reason, this fig doesn't seem like a POGO fig and that's because it's great so far. The prints are good! The plastic seems different from usual POGO plastics and has the right amount of gloss and matte on it. I just absolutely love this fig.

A closer look at the mask's print. It's much better in real life than in the picture.

Good amount of detail on the sides too.

The back has good molding too.

Underneath the mask. No alternate face though.

One issue though, and I hope this is isolated, is that the parts seem somewhat loose. Not a big issue though if you're not gonna play with them because you can still pose them.

We actually have a couple other Iron Spider figs out there already and even compared some of them. Maybe I'll compare them all, but to be more accurate, this POGO version is the one based on the official TLG sets while the other two here are based on fan designs that were mainly inspired by the Homecoming movie.

Quality wise, theses two seem more like our usual POGO figs. Killmonger was better in terms of quality, in my opinion. Still not bad though at least, but could definitely be better.

My Lobo's face, for example, has some errors on his face. Hopefully POGO improves, and allows whatever/whoever made Killmonger to make more for them!

A view of the sides. It's a shame that Spidey doesn't get side leg prints although the original TLG design also doesn't have these.

Back design.

Generally a good group of figs. XINH seemed to have done Lobo better, but Killmonger hasn't been cloned yet except by Lepin and this POGO version seems to be very good!

Four more left including Teen Groot. I hope to review them as soon as I get them from AngeloMarcus Greenhills!

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