Sunday, April 1, 2018

WM WM467: Classic Heimdall Minifig Review

First previewed here.

I personally like it, since it's an homage to the classic look of Heimdall, well to the TLG games version at least! The torso is not accurate though as you'll see below.

Anyway, moving on. I'm gonna compare him with POGO's Heimdall for the most part. Quality wise, they're almost identical. The plastic is good and the print is good too. I think that WM's base fig is better than POGO's though in terms of the plastic quality.

One thing to note though  is that WM's face seems to be a bit higher and so the helmet covers up the eyes if pushed down to its normal height. Compared to POGO, the face of WM is really off.

Their swords. I would've hoped for bigger swords, but at least they still handed us one.

I never got the MCU Heimdall from WM because I thought they were the same as POGO, but I guess the WM version probably has the same armor as this classic/red version. I really prefer this new Heimdall more, but it's also good that I at least have two different shades of armor.

The more bronze WM mold is much preferred by me, but I think that POGO's mold has more details and more defined lines/designs. Though at the same time, WM's mold seems much smoother. After looking into these, I can't decide which I prefer.. Haha

A view of the sides.

A view of the back. You can see the difference in color here more.

Here's a look at their bodies and heads without the armor. POGO's Heimdall looks much more detailed and the head alone looks so much better but I think the quality of WM is much better. Still, with the armor, the base minifig quality doesn't matter too much.

A view of the back.
Here is how he looks in the game. The torso armor and sword are obviously different, but the colors and base fig are accurate enough.

Overall a good fig, but if you don't want the classic version, then I think the MCU Heimdall from POGO (or even WM) is enough. At the price though, why not just get both before stocks run out and you changed your mind haha!

I think I only have Rip Hunter from my last AngeloMarcus Greenhills haul up for review. I'm hoping the Chinese brands start releasing their previewed figs soon so that AngeloMarcus Greenhills can get new arrivals too! Stay tuned!

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  1. It is the game version of Marvel Heroes Classic RPG of Heimdall. People might be misled to think its the classic (comic version). Just to be accurate to the thousands readers of this famous blog. Happy Easter!


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