Monday, April 16, 2018

XINH 816, 821: Iron Man (Hulkbuster Pilot Variant) and Wong Minifigs Review

First previewed here!

XINH 816 - Iron Man (from the Hulkbuster Ultron Edition)
XINH 821 - Wong

Wong comes with these magic pieces. They also come with the ring-like pieces to hold the dishes.

Alright let's talk about quality. Iron Man isn't as great... The picture doesn't show it well but the torso had scratches on it and the gloss was different from the usual XINH fig. Add to that, the torso print wasn't centered. Hopefully this is an isolated case. Wong on the other hand is great!

Another issue with Iron Man, and a lot of other Iron Man figs, is how the eye prints are rarely aligned with the helmet's eye molds..

I think I'll be keeping Wong bald; some people argue that Wong should have the hairpiece while others don't, I'm just happy that XINH decided to still include one! No face for Iron Man.


Kinda happy that Wong doesn't have an alternate face because that means we can easily display him as bald in case you prefer him bald.
I think XINH got their Wong design from this poster. I do hope that Bucky and War Machine are also made soon, maybe a follow up IW set from TLG? And is that Wasp too?

I'm glad I can replace my Wong MOC now on my display!

Hoping to get my Hulkbuster Ultron Edition soon too. I'm not sure though when I'll be able to have spending money for it, but I'll think about it more when I go to AngeloMarcus Greenhills soon.

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  1. Is it just me or does Wong's face seem very narrow? Maybe it's because of the small mouth.

  2. That Lego poster came out weeks after Wong was unveiled by Xinh, probably just a happy co-incidence they look similar :) My Wong is on it's way from China, looks good.

  3. XINH's Wong came out weeks before that poster and also the details are different


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