Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Decool 0295: BvS Armored Batman Bigfig Preview

Looks amazing.

But kinda doesn't make sense??

Is this really BvS?

Lots of upcoming bigfigs!! I hope they release them for real soon so I can get bigger hauls from AngeloMarcus Greenhills!!! :D

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  1. some bigfigs (i bought the thing of fantastic 4) are note real bigfigs like thanos and the hulk but something in between

  2. Actually it make sense...

    Its more BvS, but in fact its Dark Knight Returns armour (in the lego Batman 3 game dark knight returns batman is a big fig)

    I would preferred a big fig of the HellBat batman suit, but I think its pretty cool. Cant wait to have it and put infinity gauntlet on it >:)

    Happy to see more and more DC figs


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