Lele C001-C008: Tusken Raider, Lor San Tekka, Clone Turbo Tank Driver, and More Star Wars Minifigs Review (Lele Quality Review)

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A late review, I apologize, but here it is!

The preview actually lists them as G001-G008 but I believe this is a typo because 1) stores list them as C001-C008 and 2) all the other Star Wars figs are using the C code.

Now this will apply to all the other figs in this set: quality is really good! I've been saying that it's in between XINH and POGO, not as good as XINH but not as bad as POGO. I'd say it's much much better than POGO though. I think the real highlight of this new Lele brand though are the unique molds; they're great! They use some good plastic for it and it's coupled with pretty good printing/painting unlike usual ones from POGO.

The two things that I currently dislike about Lele though are 1) the line that goes around the lower part of the head and 2) the loose parts. More on the line below, and for the loose parts, they might have a hard time holding up large things/weapons/equipment but for my current Lele figs, it wasn't loose enough that shaking would make things come apart (though others have reported that their Lele figs are really that loose.)

Three great figs if you ask me. The print is good, not as glossy as some might prefer, but it's not bad at all. The head and the hair/helmets have that right amount of gloss though.

Underneath the mask.

Some alternate faces too thankfully!

A closer look at the well-made unique molds! We've been seeing POGO as the king of new and unique molds, but really it was always quantity over quality with them, but for Lele, it's kinda both quality and quantity! Good job!

Same comments about these guys! The Tusken Raider/Sandpeople is definitely interesting. I would've wished for more colors on the head, but other than that, it's great.

They came with these weapons. I'm glad these were of great quality too so I can reuse them, unlike POGO's weapons that are honestly horrible.

Another look.

Underneath the helmets. Not sure why the driver doesn't have a face though. For the Tusken Raider, his head is the mold, it's not a helmet.

A view at the back.

Better looks at the helmets that I found amazing.

Basically the same comments about these guys.

Underneath the mask. Now that I'm seeing them on picture, some of the faces might not be centered too well, but this is really relative because of helmets, etc. I mean, just look at Batman, right?

Alternate face for the pilot.

Better look at the helmets.

The line that I'm talking about. It really shouldn't bother you too much from afar, but close, it kinda sucks especially if your minifig is the type of minifig that has essential details on his face.. This is honestly the most disappointing thing, and maybe that's good especially considering that Lele was known as one of the worst brands.

I really commend Lele for improving and trying out new things. Quality and quantity. Though they're not the best in both quality and quantity just yet, I'm hopeful that they'll keep trying. I'm hoping too that if they become big enough, POGO and other brands might actually feel threatened and improve their quality as well.

It's actually been at least a week since I got these from AngeloMarcus Greenhills. I barely had time to review them, but now I did. I'm hoping to do more soon! I just have a Computer Science class presentation and a Philosophy class orals tomorrow and another big requirement on Saturday and I'm free for the most part! I'll try to get the AoU Hulkbuster next week, and for the mean time, I'm still gonna decide if I want the Lepin or SY version.

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