Monday, May 7, 2018

Lele C009-C014, C031: Various Star Wars Droids Minifigs Preview

I wonder if they're just rebranded POGO figs..

C009 - Battle Droid
C010 - Battle Droid
C011 - Battle Droid
C012 - Battle Droid
C013 - R0-GR
C014 - Super Battle Droid

C031 - K-2S0

I have some Lele Star Wars figs already, the new ones, from AngeloMarcus Greenhills and I think it's safe to say that the quality is much better than POGO, but not quite on XINH level.

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  1. Found another LELE set that may also be new. (C023-030)

  2. Those Javier pointed out are indeed new, and I'm very excited about finally being able to buy a decent rebel pilot fig! I've had some rebel pilots before but their face was screwed up (tiny).

    Same store page also has C015-C022 (although they're not that interesting)

    Also old style snowtrooper(with hollow eyes/black head like the first lego snowtroopers)? Looks like it might be, given that C015-C017 are also old style figs.

    And Kit Fisto! Finally can get him (without having to buy him in a big set)


    1. I specially interesint I kitchen pilot too. Tho some leke figs are a bit undereheunder in terms of qualqua and pfint. Tuskens have missing paint and AT AT pilots are awfula

  3. what about the TX-20 Tactical droid?


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