Saturday, May 12, 2018

Lele L009-L016: "The Lele Movie" Minifigs Preview

Won't include the name of the movie because... complicated.. Haha

L009 - Emmet
L010 - Wyldstyle
L011 - Sheriff Not-A-Robot
L012 - Gordon Zola
L013 - Bad Cop
L014 - Robo Swat
L015 - Robo Swat
L016 - Vitruvius

Well finally, right? People have been searching for these figs for a while now and it's great that Lele decided to fulfill some old wishes!

Also, got a small haul from AngeloMarcus Greenhills today, but I still have a paper for an IT class that is very difficult that I have to finish. Just one last push this week and I'll be free for a couple of weeks!!! Yay!

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