Lele XL002-XL009: Various Godzilla Minifigs Preview


XL002 - Classic Godzilla
XL003 - Lava Godzilla
XL004 - Cement Ash Godzilla
XL005 - Dark Godzilla
XL006 - Ice Godzilla
XL007 - Blood Drop Godzilla
XL008 - Emerald Green Godzilla
XL009 - Amethyst Godzilla

I also wonder what XL001 is...

We've seen these from POGO, but I don't know if they'll be identical.

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  1. XL01 is Giant Ghost Shark (in Pearl Dark Grey, the same shark mold is then XL014 to 18 with other colors : Black,TransBlue,LightCoffee,SandBlue,MediumBlue)


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